August 2010

  • The Public Library?

    …As a resource? Still? Don’t laugh. Surprisingly, I’ve actually picked up a few good books there lately. Like the book I’m perusing on Le Corbusier, and 2 other interesting reads about craftsman bungalows (I’ll have to find the 3rd one as it turns out to be a set). Sometimes a book itself is obsolete, but…

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  • Shut Down

    Was working on site this weekend. At exactly 2am,the site shut down – without notice – for scheduled maintenance. Four hours of work down the drain?, Thankfully, no. But had to find that out later that morning. Speaking of shutting down, AEP showed up to my house on Friday to switch out my trusty,…

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  • Busy

    I haven’t been posting much because of many different factors that have occurred simultaneously of late. What counts is that I’m posting now. This is due in part to Seth Godin’s blog challenge to post at least one thing everyday in order to foster the idealab, as compared to waiting for inspiration. I think I’m…

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