Conventional wisdom says that it’s best to find a niche and focus on conversations around those topics.

Ok, that’s cool.

Personally, what I’ve come to accept embrace is that there are simply too many things that interest me, and that I don’t really want to focus on a single niche.

Welcome to my digital mancave.

This is where I share most of the stuff that I get into. I like to think it’s a little like stepping into my garage or workshop. A place to hang out and check out what I’m working on – or thinking about.

Here, I share about the things I see, and the way I see things.

Stuff I tend to get into

I build stuff in both the digital and physical realms to earn a living. So you can expect to see a bunch of rambling on about tech, DIY, and design topics.

As a husband/father, and business owner, you may also see some chatter of this nature seep into my timeline every now and then.

hang out for a bit

So grab a cold beverage out of the fridge, or a cup of hot coffee on the workbench. There might even be some snacks up in the cabinet. (You’re on your own with those.) Just go ahead and settle into your spot .

Thx for dropping by. Hang out for a bit.


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