• LinQd Out #3 – Bitcoin Bounces

    This week saw fewer headlines around AI as it appears the novelty has already cooled down – or maybe the average person just doesn’t understand it enought to care. Or simply the latter. But not to worry, since web3/crypto supplied plenty of nuggets to chat about, alongside the usual topics of real estate and cybersecurity.

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  • LinQd Out #2 – AI all the things!

    This week was all about AI. As much as I’d like to share stories outside of the mainstream, it seems that everywhere I turned this week, AI’s cheshire grin was there staring me in the face. To be honest, I’m not going to begrudge AI (Artificial Intelligence) it’s prominence in the headlines this time around,…

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  • LinQd Out – #1

    LinQd Out #1 – An aggregate of links out to some select stories that I read during this past week that were of special interest to me, now shared with you.

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